Cygnet Folk Festival

  • Performers with Panache

    Whatever your musical tastes run to,
    the will be something for you at the Cygnet Folk Festival

  • The Friendly Festival

    Local pubs and cafes open their doors
    to music sessions for both participants and listeners!

  • A Warm Welcome

    The festival opens with a drum roll
    in Loongana Park 6pm Friday

  • Be Amazed

    The skill level and diversity of performers
    bring the crowds back year after year

  • We Light up the Night

    From Friday through to midnight Sunday
    your festival evenings will be memorable

  • Expect the Unexpected!

    Musicians just can't help themselves
    over the weekend there are usually some fabulous impromptu collaborations

  • A World Class Event

    Every January Cygnet comes alive with performers
    from all over the world as well as the best Australia has to offer

  • From the Intimate to the Wild and Exuberant

    The diversity of venues at the Festival allow for small intimate performances
    to large dance crowds and everything in between

  • Kids Festival

    All weekend Cygnet Folk Festival
    hosts performers and activities for the young ones!

  • A Place to Learn

    From Friday masterclasses to workshops throughout the weekend,
    you can polish up your skills or learn a new one at the Festival

  • A Celebration of Cygnet Town

    From the Welcome Ceremony in to a weekend of performers on the outdoor stage,
    Loongana Park will be buzzing all weekend

  • A Festival of Dance

    All weekend Cygnet Folk Festival hosts dances taught
    and performed to some of the best musicians in the world!

  • And you'll go Home Wanting More

    Festival memories and new and old friends are one of the best festival experiences
    - it's why so many keep coming back

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