Everything about slide guitars with Lucky Oceans - Masterclass

11:00 AM - 3:30 PM, Friday January 11th at Workshop Room 1

Lucky will trace the evolution of the slide guitar, from a simple acoustic guitar with strings raised above the fretboard played with a knife, to the complexities of the modern pedal steel guitar. Starting with the G and D tunings, the basis of Blues and Early Hawaiian music, Lucky will illustrate what can be done with these tunings and then explain what and why new tunings and guitar designs were developed. He will cover left and right hand techniques and principles for the slide guitar and will explain the reasoning behind the construction of the pedal steel guitar. He will illustrate the different styles of different schools of playing and some of his own innovations. You may bring your own instruments and Lucky will be able to answer individual questions.

Price: $50. Bookings at Try Booking.

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