Black Orchid Stringband

Victoria / ACT / Tasmania

Black Orchid Stringband comprises West Papuan musicians based in Australia who maintain the spirit of national unity in their freedom struggle through rhythmic ukuleles and big harmonies. ”Their musical skill mixed with passion for their cause and an innate exuberance for life is an irresistible combination.” Kamuke Ukulele Magazine

World Music


Friday January 10th

11:00 PMconcert starts 7:00 PM
St James Catholic Church

Saturday January 11th

4:00 PMconcert starts 2:00 PM
Carmel Hall

Sunday January 12th

4:00 PMconcert starts 3:00 PM
Willie Smith's Paddock Stage


Saturday January 11th

10:30 AM to 11:45 AM
Workshop Room 2


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