The Rolling Waves


Returning for their second Cygnet Folk Festival appearance, The Rolling Waves are a trio of friends who simply enjoy making music together. With their neat selection of instruments and warm three-part harmonies, they create a captivating and cheerful experience of original compositions, enlivening tune sets, and delightful reinterpretations of classics.

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Saturday January 11th

10:40 AMconcert starts 10:00 AM
tununnehuk Stage in Loongana Park
1:00 PMconcert starts 12:00 PM
Port Cygnet Cannery

Sunday January 12th

4:45 PMconcert starts 4:10 PM
tununnehuk Stage in Loongana Park


Sunday January 12th

10:00 AM to 10:45 AM
Cygnet Town Hall


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