Fighting with Ghosts


Members from successful 90’s-2000’s Tasmanian groups Scapegoats/Dreadloch/Tomsk form ‘Fighting with Ghosts’; a trio delivering moody modern acoustic driven Americana/Irish folk music. A great band to sit and listen to, creating beautifully crafted lyrics and arrangements, while you tap your feet. (think Joe Purdy meets Damien Rice)

Contemporary Folk RockFolk RootsSinger-Songwriter


Friday January 10th

6:00 PMconcert starts 5:00 PM
Port Cygnet Cannery

Saturday January 11th

2:00 PMconcert starts 12:00 PM
Cygnet Ex-Servicemen's Club

Sunday January 12th

1:40 PMconcert starts 12:00 PM
tununnehuk Stage in Loongana Park


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