Wallis Bird


Wallis Bird has been enrapturing audiences for over a decade, playing 1000s of shows worldwide. She has won multiple international awards including two Irish Meteor Awards (think ARIA/Grammys!) . Her irrepressible energy on stage is one of her trademarks; even the Irish Times once noted it could ‘kickstart an entire economy’.
Her seventh studio album Hands is most personal and experimental to date. - finding Bird turning the spotlight onto herself, raising issues that are sometimes hard to confront. Trust, alcohol abuse, stagnation, self-censorship and self-improvement, addressed through personal recollections . Each, however, is delivered by a voice uncommonly blessed with joy, ingenuity and empathy. Some will understand HANDS' significance; they’ll have seen Wallis strumming an upside-down, right-handed guitar: “As a child I fell under a lawnmower and cut all my fingers off,” Bird states simply. “Four were reconnected. One was lost. This led me to relearn how to hold things, and, when the time came, to play the guitar differently. Having spent much of her life trying to exist despite its restrictions, she’s reached a point where she recognises that it's always been vital to her lived reality.

Folk Roots ● Singer-songwriter ● Contemporary Folk Rock