D079312C D118 4885 9F83 3956F3E81917 4 5005 c“The History Project” acknowledges all the workers, performers and lovers of the festival from the last 40 years. We are collecting everything about our history - annecdotes, photos, videos.

This project is supported by a Rapid Response Grant from the Huon Valley Council.

Please sort through your cupboards or computer and upload photos, documents, scans or a short audio recollection of festivals past!

Please choose your best photos only. You can upload up to ten images. If you have many more to share, please contact us. It is very important that we also receive information about the year of the photo and who may be on the photo or what it depicts.

Scan your photos in a scanner

  1. Set to colour if it is a colour photo
  2. Set the resolution to 300 dpi
  3. Set the size to custom and drag the sizing frame to suit (make sure it is facing the right way in the scanner)
  4. Set the format to jpg.
  5. Name the file: Your name and the year
  6. Save it to your computer
  7. Upload the scanned images using the form below

If you don't have a scanner, simply take a photo with your smart phone. Avoid harsh light or shadow falling on the photograph.