Volunteer Guidelines & Information


  • Applications: Open from 1st September with first round of applications closing on 30 November. Any application received past this date will be notified of available shifts.
  • Notification of Selection: Once you have submitted an application, you will be sent an email confirming receipt of your application. If you have the skills we need, you will be sent a second email confirming your application has been approved.
  • Confirmation of Assignment: End November first round of shift rosters and induction forms will be emailed. Second round of shift rosters and induction forms will be emailed in December and early January.
  • Information Session: Friday 11 January from 2pm to 3pm.

How to Apply

Applications to volunteer at the Cygnet Folk Festival can made via the on-line application forms:

Adult Volunteer Application Form

Youth Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Benefits

  • You will be entitled to a Free Festival weekend pass if you complete your volunteer 12 hours of assigned tasks.
  • You will be provided with a Cygnet Folk Festival Crew T-shirt to wear while on your shift.The Cabaret at Carmel Hall or the Director’s Concert on the Sunday night is a special event where volunteers have first preferences to seats. 
  • Monday afternoon Volunteer Thank You. On the Monday morning after the Festival there is intensive activity around packing up and bumping out the venues and other areas of the site. We want to leave the town in even better condition than we found it. The Volunteer Thank You is held on Monday afternoon at a time and venue to be confirmed closer to the event. Catering and some limited drinks will be provided.

Volunteers Passes

  • General Volunteers
    12 hours volunteering before and during the Festival entitles you to 1 x weekend pass
  • Accommodation Hosts
    Free passes are offered to accommodation hosts on the following negotiable basis:
    1 x weekend pass for bed & breakfast accommodation for up to 3 x people.
    2 x weekend passes for bed & breakfast accommodation for 4 or more people.

Volunteer passes are for volunteers only and are not transferable. Complimentary passes are not supplied for Volunteer partners or other traveling companions.

Youth Volunteers

If you are 15 – 17 years old, you can volunteer to work at the Cygnet Folk Festival on the following conditions:

  • Your parents must sign a consent form confirming that you can volunteer independently (i.e., you do not need to be accompanied by your parent to your shifts).
  • You will be allocated day time shifts only
  • You will only be able to work in areas where, and if, your supervisors have a Tasmanian Registration to Work with Vulnerable People.

Please apply using the Youth Volunteer Application Form 

Volunteer Deposit / Payments (Except Accommodation Hosts) 

If you have not volunteered at the Cygnet Folk Festival in the last 4 years, you will be asked to pre-purchase a Festival ticket which will be refunded to you upon completion of 12 hours of work.

Volunteer T-Shirts

All volunteers will be issued with a T-Shirt which you have the option to purchase for $20. If you do not wish to purchase your T-Shirt, it must be returned at the end of your shifts. If you have purchased a refundable Festival ticket and do not return your T-Shirt, $20 will be deducted from your refund.

Festival Ticket Refunds

To assist us with a prompt refund process, please provide the following to the Volunteer Coordinator at the Volunteer Centre on completion of your assigned tasks.

  • Your time sheet signed by your Venue Coordinator or Team Leader
  • Your name tag lanyard
  • Your T-shirt, unless you wish to retain it at a cost of $20

Refund requests submitted without these supporting documentation requirements will not be considered. Refunds will be made within 5 days of the close of the Festival.

Bringing Children to Shifts

Please note that you cannot bring your children with you while working your volunteer shifts.

Volunteer Code of Conduct

Please familiarise yourself with the Festival's Volunteer Code of Conduct.

WH&S Policy

We take pride in observing high standards of Work Health and Safety throughout the Festival. As a member of the volunteer team we ask you to comply with all the safety requirements associated with your volunteer position and support the WH& S procedures. Please always follow your supervisor’s direction. As part of your application to volunteer at the Festival you will need to familiarise yourself with the Festival's WH&S Policy.

If You Can’t Make Your Shifts – What do you do?

We have a limit on how many volunteers we can recruit so if you have to withdraw it would be very helpful if you let us know as soon as possible – someone else may be on a waiting list to volunteer. Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Getting To Cygnet

Please see the Getting There page on the Festival website for information on how to get to Cygnet including links to bus timetables. It is wise to aim to travel to Cygnet outside of commuter times as the buses are often full of commuters on the 5.00pm to 5.30pm services from Hobart to Cygnet.

Car Pooling

Another option for getting to Cygnet is to share a ride, potentially with another volunteer or someone who travels to Cygnet regularly. If you are a local volunteer and will be driving to Cygnet with space in your car, please consider offering to match up with other Cygnet volunteers looking for rides from Hobart!

Registering on Arrival in Cygnet

On your arrival in Cygnet please register at the Volunteer Centre in St James Catholic College just off Mary Street in the centre of town.

Site Briefing

It is a requirement that all volunteers attend the volunteer briefing and safety induction from 2-3pm on the Friday of the Festival in Cygnet. This will also provide an opportunity to meet fellow volunteers, your supervisor or point of contact and to become familiar with the town and the venues and, most importantly, understand your role and responsibilities as a volunteer over the Festival weekend.

Access to Events

On registration you will be allocated a volunteer wristband which will give you access to all venues during concerts however this will not guarantee you a seat. Volunteers, like any other ticket holder, will need to arrive early at venues for concerts they wish to see.

Accommodation & Camping

Camping is available in the beautiful Burton’s Reserve campground on the edge of town at the standard per person camping rate and children under 12 are free. Please see the Camping page on the Festival website for details of the facilities available.

For information on local accommodation options, please refer to the Accommodation page on the Festival website.

If you wish to park at your camp site in Burtons Reserve you will also need to purchase a vehicle pass and you will not be able to move your vehicle during the Festival. If you need to use your vehicle or do not wish to purchase a vehicle pass, you can park in the Festival public parking area, at your own risk, for a gold coin entry fee.

Car Parking

Parking will be available at selected sites in Cygnet for a gold coin donation. This will be shared with the public.

Volunteer T-Shirts – Who's Who

Contract Volunteers – Group’s T-Shirt
T-Shirts - Orange
Venue coordinator T-Shirts - Green
Committee/Subcommittee Member T-Shirts – Purple

Organisation and Teams

Festival volunteers are organised into a number of teams and venues. Your venue coordinator or team leader is your supervisor and they are in close contact with the Volunteer Coordinator at the Volunteer Centre. It is important that you carry out volunteer tasks as directed by your supervisor.

Dress Code

Closed-in shoes must be worn at all times during your shifts for your own safety. Sandals and thongs are not appropriate footwear.
Appropriate clothing for all weather conditions is your responsibility and should include wet weather gear as well as hats, etc.
Your volunteer T-shirt should be worn during your shift to allow easy identification by patrons.

Volunteer Centre

Free tea, coffee and water will be available at the Volunteer Centre. This is also where you can have a rest and have something to eat during your shift. The Centre is only for Volunteers, not for family members, friends or performers.
Free sunscreen is also available from the Volunteer Centre.

The Volunteer Centre provides a comfortable, secure and dedicated space for volunteers throughout the Festival.


There are restaurants, cafes and food stalls located around Cygnet.

Green Room

Volunteers will be welcome at the Performers Green Room.

Storage Area

In the Volunteer Centre there will be an area where you can store any belongings. The Volunteer Centre will be staffed during the Festival and it will be locked after hours. Belongings are stored on the basis of “all care, no responsibility”.

Safety and Security

Volunteers accept all responsibility for their own safety and the security of their belongings at all times.

Volunteer Behaviour

  • Consumption of alcohol or drug use pre or during your shift will not be tolerated under any circumstance.
  • No smoking while on duty during shifts.
  • Please report punctually for all shifts.
  • You must complete all shift requirements as stipulated by the Volunteer Job Description.


All information and processes associated with the volunteer position are to be considered confidential.


Wearing your volunteer t-shirt makes you an ambassador for the Festival. Please exhibit a positive and friendly manner which will ensure that Festival attendees and other volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Please only wear your volunteer t-shirt during your shift.

Working with Children

If you are working with children be mindful of our legal responsibilities and always have other adults in view. Please remember, we are not a child-minding service and all children should be under the responsibility of an adult carer. Carers will be asked to write their mobile number on the child’s wristband. Report lost children to the Volunteer Centre.

First Aid and Medical Emergencies

Report medical emergencies immediately to your venue coordinator or team leader. If they are not available contact St John Ambulance on the number provided in your lanyard. St Johns Ambulance will be on call 24/7 from Friday evening until Sunday night.

Handling Incidents and Inappropriate Patron Behaviour

Do not intervene in any dispute but report any such incident to your venue coordinator, team leader or a committee member.

Security Staff are being employed to assist with these situations and can be approached to provide assistance. Please still notify your venue coordinator or team leader of the situation. Be alert but not alarmed to anything that looks dangerous or risky to public safety and report it to your venue coordinator, team leader or a committee member.

Talking to the Media or Representing the Cygnet Folk Festival

If there is any dispute or incident that may attract media attention (either positive or negative) please report any such incident to the Volunteer Coordinator. You are not authorised to speak to the media on any issue or to make any public comments as a representative of the Cygnet Folk Festival.

Emergency Evacuations

If there is a major emergency that requires a venue to be evacuated please follow the instructions of your venue coordinator or team leader. The Festival Safety Officer has overall authority in emergency situations until the appropriate Emergency authority is on-site. Do not return to an evacuated area until instructed to do so.

A venue volunteer has the responsibility of managing crowd safety in the case of an emergency. All venue volunteer’s shift have been scheduled to start 10 minutes before a concert, so the Venue Coordinator can brief their venue team on the emergency evacuation procedures specific to the venue. Please be punctual to your shift, as this information cannot be missed.


Please familiarise yourself with the recycling system and set an example to others.


Volunteers receive a comprehensive experience of the Festival and we are always interested in your ideas and suggestions about how we can improve things. This can be specifically to do with your experience as a volunteer or about the Festival in general. Feedback can be provided via the Festival website or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A site map is included in the Festival program.


All volunteers are expected to behave in a suitable manner at all times. If any volunteer behaves in a manner that is dangerous, harmful, contrary to the Code of Conduct or is otherwise illegal or inappropriate, you will be asked to return your Festival wristband and be removed from rostered duties.


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