Music, movement, meditation and mantra—singing as a tool for health and wellbeing.

Prince Edward Island singer Teresa Doyle offers a workshop on The Yoga of Sound introducing singing as a healing modality. Teresa has been exploring healing sound traditions for more than two decades and will share some simple practices that you can use on your own. She will lead us in toning, gentle movement, free improvisation and chanting.

Teresa completed a three-year study program with South Indian master Russill Paul. The Yoga of Sound, nada yoga, is a parallel stream to the physical postures we are familiar with here in the west. Mantras are ‘sonic’ postures that move our brain out of the stress of beta to a more relaxed and peaceful brain wave state.

Teresa will introduce us to some simple mantras that we can include in our daily practices. These chants are a core part of the yoga tradition and have been sung for centuries.

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