The judges have selected the winners and the people have voted:


Our four judges were unanimous in their decisions:

  • Best Song: “Stay Hopeful” by Claire Anne Taylor
  • Best Tune: “The Other Side” by Michael Fix
  • Runner up: “Cradle to Cave” by the Belle Miners

Peoples’ Choice

  • Song: “Cradle to Cave” by the Belle Miners
  • The tune was jointly won by: Paddy Riley for her tune “Fedora’s Dilemma” and Meredith Beardmore for her tune “Honey’s Last Trot”

Congratulations to all! (and to our extraordinarily hardworking judges who painstakingly listened and examined all 174 entries!!) - our eternal gratitude!

A big thank you to APRA/AMCOS for funding the Song and Tune competition!