Volunteer Code of Conduct

As volunteers at the Cygnet Folk Festival, we contribute to the success of the Festival by:

Positive Attitude

  • Exhibiting at all times a positive and friendly approach, with the purpose of ensuring Festival attendees and volunteers have an enjoyable and memorable experience.
  • Promoting the Festival at all times as a fun, interesting and diverse event.

Comradeship & Teamwork

  • Working together to create an event and environment that is inclusive, supportive and encouraging to all, promoting participation and cooperation. 
  • Acknowledging the importance of our individual contributions to the total effort involved in providing a happy and comfortable, yet safe and structured environment.
  • Acknowledging that we rely on each other and our combined efforts exceed the sum of our individual efforts.
  • Recognising and acknowledging each other’s skills, abilities and achievements.

Proactive Participation

  • Always demonstrating the volunteer ethic by being mindful of situations requiring attention or resolution. This may involve alerting the delegated control points (injury, illness, missing armbands, unacceptable behaviour) or resolving the issue on the spot (ad hoc rubbish removal). 
  • Being alert but not alarmed! Noticing anything that looks dangerous or risky to public safety, and reporting it to your Team Leader, Venue Coordinator or the Volunteer Coordinator.


  • Treating each other with courtesy, sensitivity, tact and consideration.
  • Respecting and assisting each other to the best of our ability.
  • Sharing the load and providing encouragement.


  • Belief in doing a job the right way and with appropriate enthusiasm. 
  • Taking pride in our actions and the tasks being undertaken. 
  • Sharing and promoting the culture, purpose and objectives of our event.


  • Taking care of, respecting and supporting each other. 
  • Promoting healthy and safe work practices. 
  • Respecting and using all equipment in the way in which it was intended. 
  • Reporting all injuries, illnesses, accidents and near misses immediately to the appropriate people.
  • Recognising that commonsense is fundamental to our safety.
  • Following OH&S practices and policies.

Self Discipline

  • Exercising self control in managing stress, anger and our attitude in general. 
  • Recognising our limitations and those of others.
  • Ensuring we are not under the effects of drugs or alcohol while volunteering.


  • Not being under the influence of alcohol or drugs pre or during shifts. 
  • Not smoking while on duty during shifts
  • Reporting punctually for all shifts.
  • Completing all shift requirements as stipulated by the Volunteer Job Description.


  • Seeking advice whenever appropriate.
  • Respecting constructive comment and feedback.
  • Asking for support when needed. 
  • Keeping the Festival office informed about changes to our circumstances.

Leadership & Discipline

  • Giving clear directions.
  • Leading in a responsible, patient and encouraging manner.
  • Recognising the Chain of Command as part of our festival structure and using it to support our activities as appropriate.
  • Sharing leadership through delegation and empowerment.

Equity & Diversity

  • Respecting all people we come in contact with regardless of their race, religion, colour or age.