Our Sponsors

The committee would like to sincerely thank all our sponsors and supporters. Their contribution is very much appreciated.

Major Sponsors

Huon Valley Community Bank

Established in 2003, Huon Valley Community Bank® branches have returned in excess of $750,000 to our local community through sponsorship, community projects and grants. The company now have 3 Branches and 4 ATMs throughout the Huon Valley.

Huon Valley Community Bank® branches provide local communities with more than just quality banking services – they deliver employment opportunities for local people, keep local capital in the community, are a local investment option for shareholders and provide a source of revenue for important community projects determined by the Huon Valley Community.


Tasmanian Premier’s Arts Partnership Fund


Concert Sponsors

Wesley Anne


Dr Syntax Hotel


Willie Smith
A big thank you to Willie Smith for providing the Cygnet Folk Festival Licensed Venue - The Willie Smith Marquee


Cygneture Chocolates


Republic Bar & Cafe


Southern Swan


Friends of the Festival

Lark Distillery


Folk Federation of Tasmania


Southern Business Services (Cygnet Classified)


Tasmanian Private Reality



Cygnet Community Arts Council


St James Catholic College

A big thank you to St James Catholic College for their major contribution and support of the 2013 Cygnet Folk Festival.


Port Cygnet Scout Group


Southern Water


Youth Blackboard Concert Sponsors

Hon. Lara Giddings - Premier of Tasmania and MP for Franklin


Arelmedia Management/Arelmusic