Busking Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in participating as a street performer at the Cygnet Folk Festival. We hope you do well.

We don’t provide amplification or power for buskers, however if you have a small battery-powered amp, that’s fine but please consider other buskers, residents, local shops and events.

You are welcome to leave your instruments in the Instrument Lockup, located in St James Catholic College “on an all care, no responsibility” basis.  It operates during Festival hours: 9.00 am to 12 midnight.


Busking Sites

  • Buskers are welcome to choose a spot on which to busk. Please keep pathways clear and remember to make it a safe spot for your audience…not spilling out onto the road etc.
  • Please set yourself a maximum of an hour at each busking site to allow other buskers to perform.
  • We ask that you do not interfere with trade for local shops.
  • No soliciting…you may be moved on at the Cygnet Folk Festival committee’s discretion.
  • Suggested sites are:
  • In Loongana Park
  • On the path up to St James Catholic College;
  • In the quadrangle of St James Catholic College;
  • Outside Cygnet Post Office;
  • In front of Port Hairdressers;
  • Near the community notice board in front of the library (LINC).

  • Cygnet Folk Festival Committee reserves the right to move you on if your act is in an inappropriate position, too loud, offensive or obstructing the flow of people or traffic.


Any problems please contact the Festival Office.

Have an enjoyable Festival!