History of the Festival

The Cygnet Folk Festival has run every year since 1982 and has grown into a three day event offering a diverse program of folk, ethno, world, singer-songwriter, roots and acoustic music. It developed from the Huon Folk Club and by 1994 it was clear that it would have to grow in order to survive. Huon Folk Inc. was incorporated and under its auspices the festival has thrived. It is a significant achievement that a festival hitherto managed and staffed solely by volunteers has grown and evolved into the unique, inclusive event it is today.

The Festival is a catalyst for the development of Tasmanian musicians and has also been cited as inspiration for the high level of artistic activity in the Huon Valley. Many Tasmanian bands grew from chance collaborations at the festival. We have now reached our thirty-first anniversary and as we look back on our history we celebrate these performers.

Looking Back

Cygnet Folk Festival 2006

Cygnet Folk Festival 2007

Cygnet Folk Festival 2008

Cygnet Folk Festival 2009

Cygnet Folk Festival 2010

Cygnet Folk Festival 2011

Cygnet Folk Festival 2012

Cygnet Folk Festival 2013

The Huon Folk Inc. Constitution