March 23, 2015 

(Amended 3 April 2016 with note about discontinuation of Bendigo Bank funding)


The audit of the financial accounts has been successfully completed.

Income & Expenditure

The final result was a surplus of $19,696 compared with a surplus of $13,307 last year.Overall this is an excellent result, and the financial position of the Cygnet Folk Festival is very strong.

Ticket sales were $191,145 against a budget of $185,000 and last year’s sales of $160,994. This was a result of a successful ticket restructuring and an increase in price for the 2016 CFF

Sponsorship income was $4,555 against a budget of $5,000. Bendigo Bank decided not to renew their sponsorship of the festival due to our strong financial position. The festival committee argued the fact that the festival financially supports a number of Cygnet community organisations, but it was not sufficient to secure further sponsorship with the bank.

Grant income was $2,880 against a budget of $0. This was a grant from Aboriginal Arts Programme to pay Ronnie Summers and his band from the Furneaux islands to perform at the festival.

Expense items of note are:

  • Artists fees have remained very constant over the last few years.
  • Venue dressing was not funded and it is clear it requires funding for 2017.
  • There was a slight increase in the cost of marketing from $6,687 in 2015 to $10,064 in 2016.
  • The artistic director was paid $7,500 as a contractor.

Overall expenditure was $226,510 against a budget of $219,760.

The Cygnet Folk Festival is currently relying almost exclusively on ticket sales. The incoming committee needs to give some attention to secure further sponsorship and grants. Grants are likely to be associated with special events such as the Welcome ceremony or other special events. The title of the Festival Coordinator has been changed to Festival Manager and the position has changed from contractor to employee.

The position of Artistic director was created in recognition of the amount of work this position entails. The position of Artistic Director is to be appointed by the committee for a certain period and be remunerated in line with the terms and conditions of the Festival Manager. The Cygnet Folk Festival has come of age, it has matured and the operation has been professionalized. The festival is financially secure and with good fiscal management, the festival can and should include the ongoing, professional services of the Festival Manager and the Artistic Director based on two employed positions.

The cost of tickets for the festival are still below other comparable festivals, and another slight increase in ticket prices for 2017 will bring the Cygnet Folk Festival in line with similar festivals and ensure the future viability of the Cygnet Folk Festival.

Assets & Liabilities

Total net assets are $153,992 compared to $137,737 last year. Cash at Bank is $153,992 compared to $139,903 last year.

CFF Financial Position

The CFF is therefore in a very strong financial position and there are no foreseeable threats or danger to the ongoing success and viability of the festival.

Michael Thomsen, Treasurer


Listen to artistic director, Erin Collins, talking about Cygnet Folk Festival 2017 and playing some of the featured artist at the festival. {datmp3}Artistic_Director_Erin_Collins_Hobart_FM_2016.mp3{/datmp3}

Cygnet Folk Festival

6-8 January 2017

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